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As you experience the place around you in accurate pokemon style you will be able to discover an all new world with Pokemon GO! Just like in another Pokemon games there will be various places available pokeballs and called Pokestops where you are able to grab more things! Use the form below to get instant acces to the Pokemon Go hack for Ios and Android, our special Pokemon Go hack includes a completely unlocked game client, this means everything else, pokeballs and boundless pokecoins! This means you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

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About Pokemon GO: In Pokemon Go for iPhone and android you’ll walk the world as a pokemon trainer, gaining amounts in your journeys. The higher your level the more powerful pokémon you can catch, finally finishing your pokedex. With higher amounts also come high level things like repels and better pokeballs.get pokecoins now

If you catch enough pokemon of the same species you’ll get the opportunity to develop 1 of them into a higher grade pokemon, catching pokemon isn’t the only way to achieve new monsters! Just like in the Gameboy and DS pokemon games there are after you’ve walked a space that is healthy aleo Pokeeggs, which will hatch. Work out and hatch pokemon at exactly the same time!

Not all pokémon will appear in all places, there will be a level of rarity also. For example you might be able to locate rock pokemons in mountains and water pokemon near lakes, making for a pokemon experience that is realistic! You dont usually strike in your own place if you should be far from home make sure to be on the lookout for pokemon!

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You’ll be asked to join one of 3 teams once you have progressed far enough in Pokemon GO. Teams bring alot of fascinating characteristics together like having the capacity to assing pokemon to gym locations or pokestops. PokeGyms can be found all over the world and will need teamwork with other players to build a powerful set of fitness center pokemon to defend your local honor! Different teams can claim gymnasiums by battling with the current owner of the fitness center, making for a never-ending conflict between the three teams to control the world!

There are numerous more features in Pokemon GO and we shall be adding features too! For now there are a ton of medals and challanges you can unlock for your player profile for example. There will also be a dedicated mobile apparatus called the Pokemon GO Plus, this device will enable players to experience the game more immersive and better, even.

Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports – App of the Week

Every week I pick one Google app and tell you why you need to stop everything your doing and get it right away!

So what is it?

Google loves showing off fun new things you can do with it’s Chrome browser and this is one of the coolest to date.  Chrome Super Sync Sports is a game where you can choose to swim, race, or bike against the competition.  What makes Chrome Super Sync Sports so neat is that it is a web application that syncs to your phone or tablet to your computer, turning your handheld devices into wireless controllers.  Even better then that, the game is Multi-Player, with up to 4 people being able to link there devices to the computer and compete against each other.

How does it work?

Setup is very simple.  First, you do need to be running Chrome 15+, Firefox 10+, or Safari 15+ on your computer.  I tested it out and it ran great on my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook.  I could not however get the website to load completely on my Google TV (Logitech Revue).  You will need Android ICS+ or iOS 4.3+ on your handheld device.  Point your computer and handheld’s browsers to chrome.com/supersyncsports.   From there you will get to select the sport you want to compete in, the number of players, and then you will be given a short code to enter into the app on the handheld device so that you can link them. Next you can select from one of fifty wacky characters to race as.


The game control for the events are simple.  For running you simply use two of your fingers as legs to run.  In the bicycle event your two fingers trace two onscreen circles.  Swimming is two downward strokes.  The better you keep your fingers on the trace lines, the faster you will go.

Why should I download it?

There are two reasons to go grab this game. First, Google has put together a great tech demo to show off the powers of chrome and html 5. Second, it’s just a fun game that has a very classic feel for me.  The gameplay is very simple and reminded me of the arcade classic Track and Field (for my under thirty readers, in Track and Field you simply tapped two buttons alternately as fast as you could to make your character run).  This game is great when you want to goof around with something for a couple of minutes, with controls simple enough that Dad can still be competitive playing against the kids.  My only disappointment was that I couldn’t get it up and running on my Google TV.

Google and Bing Aren’t Your Only Search Options

When the Google search engine was first created at Stanford in the 1990s, no one imagined it would ever become the success it is today. In 1998, when the service first went live on its official www.google.com domain, even its creators publicly called its beta test a “might-work-some-of-the-time-prototype.”

Search engine mechanics, including Google’s, have certainly improved dramatically over the years. In some ways, however, they’re almost the same as they were at the outset. For example, many engines still rely on backlinks to determine the importance of a Web page. But differences are evident. The Internet Providers website reveals that Bing, Google’s closest competitor, employs search parameters using an algorithm that often proves to be more intuitive than Google’s.

The good news is that users now have choices far beyond just the “Coke and Pepsi” of the search engine world. While “Google” as a verb has become permanently etched into our lexicon, there actually are a number of useful alternatives to just Google and Bing. Here are some other choices:

Founded in 2007 as Aftervote.com, it had an AJAX backbone and a singular mission to deliver the most relevant search results to the user as quickly as possible. A year later, Aftervote.com was bought by Internext media, the owner of ABCSearch Network. It was then re-named and re-branded as Scour.com. Scour’s mission is to bridge the gap between Internet users and their desired results. Users are able to vote and comment on search result relevancy, and searchers can also connect with each other. The result is what Scour calls a “social search community” experience, which is achieved via innovative Web search solutions.


Xmarks began in 2006 as Foxmarks. Its bookmark sync browser add-on is an extremely popular feature, with 20 million-plus downloads and 4 million users to date. Xmarks is available as a free add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac OS) and Chrome. The extension can also synchronize open tabs and browsing history. Bookmark-powered Web discovery features like Site Info and Smarter Search help users uncover the best web sites based on popularity. Xmarks estimates it manages more than a billion bookmarked pages. In 2010, Xmarks was acquired by LastPass. The companies share a common mission to simplify people’s lives by providing fast, easy and safe access to favorite websites.

The Blekko search engine model strives to create a differentiated search experience through curated, selective, high quality results and content organized into categories. Its sophisticated search technology drives its entire suite of products — the Internet search engine itself, a mobile app as well as a social news platform.

DuckDuckGo makes user privacy a priority. The company believes a superior search engine experience and privacy can go hand in hand. It strives to offer “tons of goodies” without tracking users and without the extraneous clutter of many search engines. As a user, you won’t be filtered, and the result is a more pristine search experience. Many users love the added assurance that the company is not tracking their every move.
Clearly, there are many good options beyond just Google and Bing, and new technology is being developed all the time. Break away from the big guys once in awhile and see what else is out there. Who knows? You just might find yourself a new favorite search engine.

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Marvel Avengers Academy Hack and Cheats

Marvel Avengers Academy is considered as one of the best mobile games out here. Letting you take control of Marvel characters that are distinct, this free-to-play fighting game produced by Kabam enables you to compete offline and online. As there are several great players around the world, winning in this game might be tough as well as several limitations have been set in the game that could impede your progress. With the aid of a Marvel Avengers Academy Hack, you can control in games in ways you never believed possible.
Place in the Marvel Universe, Marvel Avengers Academy is a fighting game that allows you to take control of Marvel characters that are different. Aside from having exceptional individual moves, specific characters may be teamed up to get unique power ups during the game. Each character may be updated by bringing in encounter, along with using in-game goodies such as ISO- 8, shards, and Triggers. The unique properties of every character add a strategy component to the game, which significantly raises the lifespan of the game.

marvel avengers hack and cheatsWhile gamers of any level would find playing this game it may be a tiring and time consuming exercise to become dominant. For one, earning experience can be time-consuming, together with the energy-based system greatly restricting the amount of action you’ll be able to join at a specific time. As it will cost you actual cash, getting more energy can be a major pain in the butt. Unless you have deep pockets, coping with energy loss can be a major issue. In fact, most people that seek for Marvel Avengers Academy cheats are seeking ways to create a loophole out of this time-based system
Another common difficulty that players of this game face is the fact that earning shards and units in this game could be very difficult. Triggers shards, ISO-8s, and other goodies could be earned by completing quests, winning battles, and participating in special events. Nevertheless, earning them is difficult and certainly will take a great quantity of patience to see through. You may also get them using real cash, but just like energy, purchasing these in-game credits is just not going to be cheap.
In the event you are a gamer who only wants to appreciate and use some cheats every now and then, you do not desire the crisis, the issue, and the possible consequences of using particular hacks and cheats. This is because Marvel Avengers Academy Hack software will allow you to get units and all the shards you’ll ever want with no need to perform traditional cheating techniques that are either too challenging or too unsafe to utilize.
One of the things that make this Marvel Avengers Academy cheats system much better than just about everything else out there is the undeniable fact that you could use this software easily. Here is the step-by-step procedure on how it is possible to use this Marvel Avengers Academy Hack to get unlimited shards and units.
With so many happy clients under their belt, it’s about time that you experience the ability of a high-quality hack program yourself. Simple enough that your dog can use it, it’ll allow you to dominate this popular mobile game right away. Try it now!

Why should you play Need For Speed?

Today marks a great victory in the world of movies and video games.  Often times when you hear that a movie is being based on a video game you cringe need-for-speedand get nightmarish flashbacks. We have seen failures like Street Fighter, Blood Rayne, DOOM, and others. Fortunately this bad slate can now start to be wiped clean thanks to Need For Speed. This movie stars Aaron Paul as down-on-his-luck car shop owner Toby Marshall. Toby’s character is intense and quick to take action, which is a perfect fit for an adrenaline filled high-speed ride. Aaron Paul is joined by Scott Mescudi (rapper Kid Cudi), Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, Rami Malek, and Ramon Rodriguez to build a cast of fairly unknown actors, but that’s the beauty of it all. Instead of casting big name actors that bring high expectations with them, this movie offers you fresh new talent that meshes well together. Overall the acting was solid, with only a few parts being over exaggerated or left dry. The big shock was how great Kid Cudi performed as the crew’s eyes-in-the-sky, Benny, who is good for laughs through the first half of the film. Considering the games never featured a true narrative storyline before one could worry the end result of attempting this feat.

But the plot in Need For Speed the movie was fairly original and fell victim to only minor clichés. Without spoiling too much, the main themes in this film are friendship, rivalry, loss, betrayal, revenge, and justice.

Play with your favorite car

They are executed well and timed so that none of them go stale. You even get the pleasure of watching Michael Keaton do live-streams as a way to pace the action, and build on the emotion. So it’s safe to say that the plot does not suffer in any area. Now what you have all been waiting to hear about… THE RACING! It was phenomenal albeit one flaw. That flaw is the same mistake DOOM made by trying to cram too much of what is in the game into the ending. I’m not saying it was at all bad, but it came off as rushed. They could have easily spaced out more of the game elements into other scenes. Also, there wasn’t a single spike-strip… But all in all you get the speed, drifting, traffic weaving, jumping, cop chases, and insane crashes that you find in any Need For Speed game. Not to mention they featured my favorite NFS Most Wanted car, the Koenigsegg Agera so I was happy. With so much going on I didn’t know that over two hours of my life had gone by. Luckily it was time well spent.

The suspension of disbelief is applaud worthy since the film keeps you in “what could possibly happen next?” mindset. Whether it be with character development, action, or the antics of Toby and his crew, there wasn’t a moment when thought of anything other than what was on the screen.


My Top 5 Anime of the New Year!

So it’s been a few weeks since the New Year started. I’ve been somewhat busy looking into a list of new anime that either have recently been released, or will be released within the next few months. I’m happy to say, that I have picked the top five anime that I’m excited to see. Alrighty then! Let’s start the count down!5. Z/X IgnitionZ/X Ignition almost reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh! Except in this anime, you have one card and one monster that will protect you and fight against other monsters. I’ve always loved Yu-Gi-Oh!, the first generation Yu-Gi-Oh!, not the new crap that they continue to spawn. Its like Pokemon, when are you going to let rest?Z/X or Zillions of Enemy X, are monsters or beings that invaded the planet through several black portals. They call these portals Black Points. These monsters came from a parallel world in different timeframes. Though in order to make sure that their own timeframe survives, these creatures must battle it out.Z/X Ignition obviously is quite action packed and the creatures, or beings, that come from the card are very artistically drawn. I just hope that their powers are as amazing as they are. I’m hoping I like the series as much as I liked the trailer.

Genre: Adventure, Game, Fantasy, Sci-FiZ/X Ignitionge

Mekaku City Actors/Kagerou ProjectI am really excited to see this anime come to life. It’s basically for one reason and one reason only: it’s based off of a Vocaloid song series. HELL TO THE YEAH! I’m sorry, but i’m just too excited to hold it in. I’m addicted to Vocaloid, and to have an anime series based on one of their songs brings me so much joy.This anime is about a boy named Shintarō Kisaragi who is a hiki-NEET (hikki: socially withdrawn. NEET: acronym for Not in Education, Employment or Training). He has spent 2 years locked away in his room and is glued to his computer.


One day he met a cyber girl that lived inside of his computer. Because of this, he winds up ruining his computer, and is then forced to go outside for the first time to buy a new one.He makes his way to a store where it is being robbed and some criminals are holding the shoppers inside hostage. A group of teenagers show up and stop the robbery with powers that come from their eyes. They call themselves the Mekakushi Dan (Blindfold Gang). After they save the people and stop the criminals, the gang force Shintarō to join their gang.I’m so excited. I’m definitely one for something new and different, especially when it’s based from my Vocaloids.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Mekaku City Actors will be released 04-20143. SoniAni: Super Sonico the AnimationSuper Sonico, the adorably kawaii poster girl/mascot of the game software company Nitroplus. Her debut was in October 2006, but just recently my fiancé and I grew quite an attachment to her. She has grown so popular, that she now has an anime made just for her.Super Sonico is an 18 year-old college student, who could be a model student, if she wasn’t always late to class. She works as a model advertising for various companies, sometimes wearing nothing but a bikini in her photo shoots. Super Sonico has a grandmother that runs a bar, whom she helps after her photo shoots are over. She’s loved by everyone especially her bandmates Suzu Fujumi and Fuuri Watanuki. Together the three of them form the band First Cosmic Velocity (Daiichi Uchū Sokudo).Super Sonico has a wonderful fun filled personality, she gets embarrassed easily and that makes you fall for her more. She cares for everyone and has a love for cats. Fan service is almost a definite, but this shouldn’t be the reason why you should watch this. SoniAni will make you laugh and maybe even change your mind about cutesy anime if you aren’t into that kind of stuff.Genre: Music, Slice of LifeSoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation was released 01-06-20142: Black BulletThere is nothing that I love more than an anime with guns, a hot guy and his loli companion. When you have these combined, you know that you will get tons of action and a room full of laughs.Black Bullet is set in the future of 2021, mankind, was for the most, annihilated buy the plague that is Gastrea, a parasitic virus. Because of this epidemic, humans have been forced to live in Monoliths that are created from a metal called Varanium; it’s the only metal that is able to subdue the Gastrea.

Children known as the Cursed Children, are born with the Gastrea Virus. These kids are able to control the Gastrea Virus giving them superhuman abilities. Though because of the virus’ intervention, the only children that are able to have this ability could only be female. Under the Civil Securities, the Cursed Children, or as they are called in the Securities, Initiator, are paired with a Promoter who serve to lead the Cursed Children.Rentaro, a high school boy living in Tokyo, works for the Civil Securities. He and his Initiator, Enju are given a secret mission: they must prevent destruction of Tokyo’s Area.Black Bullet almost reminds me of Chrome Shelled Regios. If you don’t know what Chrome Shelled Regios, take a look at it.


Though I wished that CSR could’ve gotten another season. I loved that anime, so having another anime that is almost like most definitely excites me. I’m not sure if I can wait for this to be released! Hurry up and come out already!

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi – Black Bullet

Now before I get to number one, there is more anime that I’m excited to watch. So here is a small list of the anime that missed the list, along with their genre and release dates. Don’t worry though, there will be a review for when they do air and I watch the first few episodes.-No Game No LifeGenre: Adventure, Game, FantasyRelease date: 04-2014-Magical WarfareGenre: Action, Magic, Supernatural, RomanceRelease date: 01-09-2014-Noragami

Genre: Action, Comedy

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…1. Date A Live IIYES! I’m ecstatic about the second season of Date A Live. When I saw the first season, I almost gave up on it, but for some odd reason I kept being pulled in. I’m in love with this anime.Now, from what I do know, Date A Live II is basically continuing from where it left off. I’m sure I would know a little more about the second season if I read the manga. Yet when you have a job that doesn’t pay you much, you’re kind of just left waiting until the release of the anime. What I can say is that there are two new spirits in the anime. I can’t wait to see them in action and what our hero Shido will do.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy

Date A Live II. I really do hope that you are excited as I am about some of these new releases.Did I miss any anime that you believe deserved to be on this list? If so, let me know. I’m open to see what I miss and what I could be looking forward to this year.